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GB-201013178-D0: Locking system for adjustable telescopic props (propalock) patent, GB-201013428-D0: A support member for a heater coil patent, GB-201014432-D0: Method and apparatus for signalling in digital radio systems patent, GB-201014870-D0: Concept 43 patent, GB-201015515-D0: Scroll distributor patent, GB-201015832-D0: Carbon fibre with improved compressing strength patent, GB-201016091-D0: Interface device for attaching a mobile communications device to a digital television display patent, GB-201016148-D0: Collection device patent, GB-201016962-D0: Receiver architecture with high rejection of out-of-band signals patent, GB-201017473-D0: Tool storage cabinet patent, GB-201017546-D0: Light inducing drug release patent, GB-201017699-D0: Fluid injection device patent, GB-201017785-D0: Security provision for a subject image displayed in a non-secure domain patent, GB-201017845-D0: Plastic digital graphene FET circuit patent, GB-201018687-D0: A restraining device patent, GB-201018788-D0: High quality devices growth on pixelated patterned templates patent, GB-201018943-D0: Safety apparatus patent, GB-201019134-D0: antimicrobial activity of cinnamon oil patent, GB-201019723-D0: Variable tubular lock patent, GB-201019742-D0: Tiling device patent, GB-201020143-D0: A gas turbine engine blade containment arrangement patent, GB-201020512-D0: Composite pipe patent, GB-201020621-D0: Pin for hygienic and/or medical use in the anal region patent, GB-201020872-D0: Galvanic cells and components therefore patent, GB-201021178-D0: System and method for monitoring bending of a flexible riser patent, GB-201021564-D0: Configuration information management device, distributed information management system and method patent, GB-201021774-D0: Projector and method for projecting an image patent, GB-201100005-D0: The myolens patent, GB-201100170-D0: Method of detecting tuberculosis patent, GB-201100446-D0: Wave energy pneumatic conversion patent, GB-201100919-D0: A biomass adaptor and boiler patent, GB-201101061-D0: Bearing linings patent, GB-201101495-D0: Implant comprising titanium and carbonate and methods of producing implants patent, GB-201101648-D0: Collapsible carry case/organizer patent, GB-201102056-D0: Bath hand rail aid patent, GB-201102072-D0: Microparticles patent, GB-201102410-D0: Floor cleaning machine patent, GB-201102567-D0: System and method for waste disposal management patent, GB-201102969-D0: Microfluidic devices and methods of manufacture thereof patent, GB-201103932-D0: Multipurpose scaffold with variable width patent, GB-201104420-D0: A working tool adapted for use with an oscillating power tool patent, GB-201104696-D0: Multilayer sport ball patent, GB-201104789-D0: Coastal (Electricity Generation) turbine plant and sea water canal system pumping station patent, GB-201104795-D0: Plug-in system and method for consumer credit acquisition online patent, GB-201105562-D0: A shipping container liner patent, GB-201106425-D0: Electrosurgical system and method having enhanced temperature measurement patent, GB-201107574-D0: Semiconductor structure patent, GB-201107721-D0: Inflatable door/window flood barrage patent, GB-201107892-D0: A method for reduction of time in a gas carburizing process and cooling apparatus therefor patent, GB-201108018-D0: Cranial electrostimulation device for treatment of polysusbstance addiction and method of use patent, GB-201108406-D0: Renewable solar energy positioning patent, GB-201108415-D0: Connector patent, GB-201108629-D0: A pre fabricated cover patent, GB-201110372-D0: A carbon or carbonizable fibrous structure and a method of manufacturing same patent, GB-201110696-D0: Devices and methods for emanating liquids patent, GB-201111924-D0: Detection of clostridium patent, GB-201112309-D0: Wirelessly controlled lighting and emergency response system patent, GB-201113232-D0: A vacuum device patent, GB-201113302-D0: Rheometer patent, GB-201114474-D0: Packaging 13 patent, GB-201114682-D0: patent, GB-201114727-D0: Method and apparatus for providing a navigation summary patent, GB-201115104-D0: Electric motor patent, GB-201115300-D0: A sole for therapeutic footwear patent, GB-201115582-D0: Partitioning of compound or composite usb devices in a remote usb environment patent, GB-201116276-D0: An invented face decoration mask patent, GB-201116484-D0: Children's toy phone patent, GB-201116788-D0: A method of determination of fluid influx profile and near-wellbore space parameters patent, GB-201118569-D0: Fastening device patent, GB-201119210-D0: Method and apparatus for controlling wireless devices patent, GB-201119458-D0: Compositions for treatment of sleep disorders patent, GB-201121238-D0: Improved all gear crossed-axis differential patent, GB-201121349-D0: Solid-state image pickup apparatus and image pickup system patent, GB-201121499-D0: Microwave power delivery system for plasma reactors patent, GB-201121700-D0: Thermal engin grain silo patent, GB-201121758-D0: Crop processing roller patent, GB-201200073-D0: Djml patent, GB-201200272-D0: Versatile music distribution patent, GB-201200980-D0: Vehicle seat patent, GB-201201236-D0: The playing board component of a board game patent, GB-201201966-D0: Active hood or bonnet system for a vehicle patent, GB-201202768-D0: Endonucleases patent, GB-201202914-D0: Systems and devices for dispensing volatile materials patent, GB-201203812-D0: Hose end fitting patent, GB-201205607-D0: A fluorescence microtitre plate reader patent, GB-201206257-D0: Attachment device patent, GB-201206391-D0: Safe shop window patent, GB-201207040-D0: Image based clothes search and virtual fitting patent, GB-201207591-D0: BBQ - cooker patent, GB-201208350-D0: Method and device patent, GB-201209046-D0: Improvements in and relating to cutlery patent, GB-201209302-D0: Water save - kitchen to garden patent, GB-201209433-D0: Leg foot orthopaedic treatment device assembly patent, GB-201210692-D0: Gate value seat and seat ring patent, GB-201211006-D0: A warning notice patent, GB-201211445-D0: Apparatus and calibration method for blood pressure measurement patent, GB-201212171-D0: Hair colouring stencil patent, GB-201213423-D0: Ctp patent, GB-201214323-D0: Providing service address space for diagnostics collection patent, GB-201214496-D0: Photovoltaic arrays patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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